YOU Recollect is a custom-made card game for sharing memories, stories and photos about a loved one.

Liven up family occasions, anniversaries and get-togethers

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"We Recollect" is a card game to share memories and photos in a fun and exciting way that involves everyone. it can be played by 2 or more players from 8+ upwards. 

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  • Wedding anniversary

  • Birthdays

  • Wakes

  • Family get-togethers

  • Work dos

  • Car, train and plane rides

Image by Adi Goldstein

Relive those precious memories' (family or memories photo)

An opportunity to celebrate a special person in your life such as a parent, grandparent, friend, a loved one who has passed away - or even yourself.


Our Editors

We support you to find the essence of what you want to get across and tease out the stories you want to tell. We support you in shaping the chapters of your life into written stories you would be happy to share with family and friends.

Relive those precious memories:

Image by Nathan Dumlao

photo of grandparents by the sea on caravan holiday in the 1960s

How it works

To help you personalise your game or story box

our app guides you through five easy steps


Choose your story type and the person you want to be the focus of the game.


Invite friends and family to contribute memories as stories or photo


See their stories and photos coming into your dashboard and plan your layout




Create your Game  

select which stories and photos you want to keep, and personalise your game. 

Approve it, We manufacture the game and deliver it to your door

Want help with writing? Our team of editors are ready and waiting.


Start by choosing the stories you want to gather

Family Stories

Build your family's legacy through shared memory gathering.

Invite the family to share their memories, photos and funny facts about the past.

Your Life Story

An easy way to record your memories and build a gift of them for future generations.
An opportunity to collect others' memories of you.

Anniversaries& Special Occasions

Gather friends and family memories of you for your anniversary or wedding

A lasting gift which will always bring joy.
An opportunity to collect stories and memories in one place


An important adventure, a memorable journey, a world trip or a local walk.