How you create your personalised game

  1. Choose the person whose life you want to celebrate

  2. Our platform enables you to invite their family, friends or colleagues to send you their memories and photos of them

  3. A dashboard shows all your contributors' stories and photos as they come in

  4. Once you have enough stories and photos, choose additional options such as help from our team of editors

  5. Here's where the fun begins! We then help you construct your personalised product, and at all times you can see what's going to be in the box 

  6. Once you've checked and finalised all the stories and photos, choose how many copies you want and hit the Create My Game button!

  7. YOU Recollect arrives on your doorstep in a couple of weeks!


Invite contributors and let them share stories and photos about

  • your grandparents

  • your family

  • a friend

  • an anniversary

  • a bereavement

  • or even your own life story

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