About Us

The founders of RecollectLife.com are James Hunt and Kirstie Adamson who bring together their unique complimentary skills in drawing out stories of life and Creative Problem solving.

Our Recollect games are inspired by the beautiful cycle of an orange tree from pip to shoot to tree to blossom to fruit which is picked and enjoyed and from the orange, the pips create new orange trees.

We hope that you will enjoy plucking your own fruitful life memories and help seed them in generations to come so that your memories continue.   


“My mother was a great story teller of her life and her stories were told so many times I was convinced I would never forget them. However gradually now that she isn’t alive to reinforce them those stories are fading and I don’t remember them as well as I thought I would. I wish that this game had been around when she was still alive because then I could have made sure that all my memories were accurate and I could have asked her questions.” 

“Recollect Life games have been a gift to our family in encouraging us all to share our memories and have our stories in one place in a format that we can share with our children the adventures and experiences of either our parents or ourselves”