“My mother was a great story teller of her life and her stories were told so many times I was convinced I would never forget them. However gradually now that she isn’t alive to reinforce them those stories are fading and I don’t remember them as well as I thought I would. I wish that this game had been around when she was still alive because then I could have made sure that all my memories were accurate and I could have asked her questions.” 

“Recollect Life games have been a gift to our family in encouraging us all to share our memories and have our stories in one place in a format that we can share with our children the adventures and experiences of either our parents or ourselves”

Start by choosing the type of story you wish to share

Before you start, we can guide you through the support you in your story based on your who or what you wish to personalize it about.

We track this choice to ensure we present the relevant help to guide you, using our expertise. You can always use one of our editors to review your gift before you go to print.

Family History

Build your family's legacy through shared memory gathering.

Invite the family to share their memories, photos and funny facts about the past.


An opportunity for everyone to share in gathering memories of the loved one, enables everyone to have a voice including those who are unable to attend the funeral. Presenting the memories helps people know the loved one better and joins people together in remembering the whole person.

Life Story

Memory by memory record your life story of all that you have seen, done and experienced.

An easy way to record your memories and build a gift of them for future generations.
An opportunity to collect others' memories of you. After all it's up to you which ones you use in the final product.



Gather the memories of your group in one place.

An opportunity to collect memories easily and quickly. Describe your group and gather the memories to celebrate fifty years.

Anniversaries/Special Occasions

Gather friends and family memories of you for your anniversary or wedding

A lasting gift which will always bring joy.
An opportunity to collect stories and memories in one place


An important adventure, a memorable journey, a world trip or a local walk.


Other, your own idea

Share the story of your organisation.

Record the history, help everyone to belong.

Have your own idea about a story,