Photo should show a personalised photocard

Video shows the family playing the board game

Create your own  board, card game and memory box personalised

with your loved one's 

life stories and photos.

Discover family stories and help children learn more about the lives of their family members. 

A great way to celebrate a special person in your life such as a parent, grandparent, friend, a loved one who has passed away - or even yourself.


You Recollect

Board Game

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We Recollect

Card Game

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Story Box

Memory Cards

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Start by using our App  (LaunchingJanuary 2022)

To help you personalise your game or story box
our app guides you through five easy steps


Choose your story type and the person you want to be the focus of the game.


Invite friends and family to contribute


See their stories and photos coming into your dashboard




Personalize, edit and select stories, stories and photos you want to keep to fit in your game

Approve it, We manufacture the game and deliver it to your door

Want help with writing? Our team of editors are ready and waiting.

We support you to find the essence of what you want to get across and tease out the stories you want to tell. We support you in shaping the chapters of your life into written stories you would be happy to share with family and friends.