Gift your stories and photos with
a board game, card game or story box

and share experiences, highlights and challenges with your family, friends or colleagues

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Our online platform provides a centralised hub for stories and photos sent by your contributors.

We help you write your stories and bring your memories to life

Want help with writing? Our team of editors are ready and waiting. 

Perfect for:

Educating other people about your group's interests

Sharing the legacy of your life story with family and friends

Marking an important anniversary or life-stage

Promoting the story of your charity, business or organisation

Our Products

Image of Board


A great game to play with all the family, or your friends

Image of eBook

Email your autobiography to your friends

Image of Card Game

Great for long journeys or holidays

Image of Instant Card Game

A non-personalised family game to encourage conversation and break down barriers 

Image of Card Game

Great for long journeys or holidays

Image of presentation projected on screen in front of group of people

Great for long journeys or holidays

How to Play

New Video with same people as shown

Video 2

Same people playing with We Recollect card game

Video 3

One of the people receiving gift of Memory Box

These are the kinds of stories you can create:

Family Stories

Your Life Story

Anniversaries& Special Occasions


Build your family's legacy through shared memory gathering.

Invite the family to share their memories, photos and funny facts about the past.

An easy way to record your memories and build a gift of them for future generations.
An opportunity to collect others' memories of you.

Gather friends and family memories of you for your anniversary or wedding

A lasting gift which will always bring joy.
An opportunity to collect stories and memories in one place

An important adventure, a memorable journey, a world trip or a local walk

Now choose your story type and set up your project. You'll be able to choose which products you want to use them in later.

Here's how you're guided along the way:


Choose your story type, set up the project basics and register.


Invite friends and family to contribute


See their stories and photos coming into your dashboard



Choose your product and any addons, then personalise and edit it.


Once you've approved it, we manufacture it and deliver to your door.

Want help with writing?
Our team of editors are ready and waiting.

If you choose our optional Editor Services addon we help you find the essence of what you want to get across and tease out the stories you want to tell.


Our Editors will also help you shape the chapters of your life into written stories you would be happy to share with family and friends.

Gift for a special event?

Included with all products is a free Powerpoint presentation so you can project your stories and photos for others to see,